The Asylum Treasure Hunt

Quest for the Spoon of the Royals

contained within the pages of the Asylum e-Book


If you have found this page, then you are already one of us...and you may not even know it yet.

But I know. This is your fate.

You may be a Plague Rat.

You may be an Inmate.

And when you accept your destiny, you will become one of the Royals of The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls.

For we are the kings and the queens.

And this is our territory.


Somewhere in the world, the Spoon of the Royals lies waiting for you to find her. She is very old. She was there when tea was first served, and she was there when...well, no spoilers. But, like me, like you, she is still here.


With my own hands, I have etched our motto into her silver skin. I have adorned her with precious pink geodes, golden pyrite, citrine shards, and clear quartz crystals for purity of heart and vision, then sprinkled her with pearlescent sea shells to represent the water that we all came from, the Opheliac in all of us.


The Spoon of the Royals is earth magic at its deepest, and she is waiting to be found. She wants to be found. And, perhaps, you are the one.


If you are reading the new Asylum eBook, then you already have your instructions. The puzzle may take you some time, and I encourage you to make friends in our community and team up, as the mysteries inside may benefit from multiple pairs of eyes and ears around the world working together. But, I promise you, everything you need to know to find the Spoon is already in your possession. And, if you should find her location, I will be there to place her in your hands.


Welcome to the game.


Welcome to the Asylum.


~ Emilie Autumn, Inmate W14A