The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls
The Striped Stocking Society

Dearest Plague Rats,

I am delighted to invite you to the Striped Stocking Society, the new secret group for devotees of The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls book, and the place where Inmates and Plague Rats can get to know each other, share their magic, and spread the Plague!

Ready to be recruited? Here’s how!

1. Obtain your copy of the new The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls eBook at Amazon.

2. Take a photo of your best “Rat Claw” in front of the screen showing the date you ordered the eBook. See my example below. (If you are part of the Plague Rat Challenge on Instagram, then you’ve already taken this photo, and can use the same one!)

Emilie Autumn's Rat Claw

3. Post your photo to your personal FB page and be sure to keep it at the TOP of your posts so that I will see it immediately.

4. Request to become a member of the S.S.S.

5. Wait patiently for me to find you and initiate you into the Society. Don't fret if it takes me up a couple of days, though it is usually much sooner.

Once inside, we will be going deep into the Asylum with secret correspondence from myself, live feed video of our rites and rituals, and exclusive insight into our world only available to the Society.

You know you belong here…

~ EA, Inmate W14A